Welcome to the NSW Beat Project

The NSW Beat Project is an online resource and community network for beat users, which was initiated by beat users with the support of CAAH. The project is open to all beat users in NSW - whether you identify as gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, intersex or whatever!

The project was developed as a result of the increasing level of police activity and threatening behaviour, intimidating and inappropriate questioning, and the use of unreasonable and disturbing Police tactics that actively targets men at 'known beats' across NSW.

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NSW Police and members of the Beats Working Group - a network of government agencies that includes ACON and the Anti-Violence Project (AVP), have demonstrated their determination to shut the beats down... and more and more men are being subjected to an unreasonable campaign of harassment and intimidation.

We realised the need to take action to help educate and empower beat users about our rights and safety when dealing with police, and to be aware of some simple safety tips to make to make our beat experience safer.

We will continue to monitor and report, and provide information to the community about what is happening. We strongly encourage you to report police harassment and/or any incident with police you may have encountered or witnessed.

We also monitor for incidents of hate-related crime and vigilante behaviour by local residents - and encourage you to immediately notify police on 000 ... we can also assist you to notify and/or work with police if you'd prefer. Please if you've been harassed or bashed.

We welcome your support to end police harassment and address bigotry in the justice system. All reports made will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be de-identified and de-personalised.

We will also work towards seeking legislative change that will decriminalise public sex after dark, based on the unprecedented and landmark decision by Amsterdam police to decriminalise public sex after dark '...for couples of any sexual combination'.

Recent changes to UK law and similar moves by police in the UK to decriminalise public sex have highlighted the need for police to work with beat users to ensure we are protected from homophobia and hate-crimes.

We congratulate them for their courage.

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